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Our Pastor

Todd M. Atkins, MTS, CPE

Pastor Todd M. Atkins is a man of GOD, led by the Holy Spirit to cover, instruct and love the sheep of GOD’s pasture.  Having accepted the LORD Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour while still a youngster at Salem IBC – it wasn’t until 2001 that he moved in obedience to the call of GOD he’d heard – to become a pastor. 

Atkin’s pastor, Rev A E Campbell of SALEM, mentored and supported Rev Todd as he threw himself into study and learning how to care for GOD’s people. Rev Todd accepted the pastorate at SALEM on Jan 18, 2010, serving faithfully with his wife - SALEM's 1st Lady, Michelle and their two young children.

MTS – Master Theological Studies, SMU Perkins 
BBS – Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Dallas Baptist University
CPE - Clinical Pastoral Education,  Methodist Medical Center

Service Highlights:
Co-Founder, South Dallas-Fair Park Faith Coalition
Galilee Griggs Memorial District Assoc of Baptist Churches
National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
Dallas Area Interfaith
2013, Honoree for Exemplary Community Service
Chaplain (current), Grace Hospice
Chaplain (past), Methodist, St. Michaels Hospice & UHS

Social Justice:
Pastor Atkins has provided a much needed link for the SALEM
Body of Faith, and the overall South Dallas–Fair Park
community, connecting them with the city to form better
partnerships and play a pivitoal role in economic development and social justice.