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Upcoming Events

Get Involved at SIBC!

The primary ways of getting involved at SIBC are:

  • Fellowshipping during weekly service
  • Engaging in our biblical community
  • Becoming a member and serving in a ministry

Our hope is that you would choose one of these three spheres (fellowship, community or membership) as your next step into the life of SIBC. 

 Are you interested in joining Salem?  We Welcome YOU!  Our New Member Orientation Class will provide you with all of the ways to get the most out of being a part of the Salem family. 

Church Ministries

Join one or more of our ministries here at Salem!  We have many, so we're sure you'll find something to suit your interests!

Book Club - 6.00pm, 1st & 3rd Thursday

Brotherhood - 11.00am, 3rd & 4th Saturday

Cliff Cell - 7.00pm, 4th Thursday

Daughters of Naomi - 6.30pm, 1st Tuesday

Hearts of Heritage - 11.30a, every 2nd Saturday
(Feed the Homeless)

Male Chorus - 7.00pm, Tuesday before the 4th Sunday

Mission - 7.00pm, Monday after the 1st Sunday

Motions of Praise (MOP) - 10.00am, 1st & 2nd Saturday, 6.00 pm 3rd & 4th Tuesday

Nurses' Guild - 11.00am, 3rd Saturday

Sister to Sister Bible Study - 7.00pm, 2nd & 4th Monday

Teacher's Meeting - 7.00pm, Wednesdays

Usher Board - 12.00pm, Saturday before the 1st Sunday

Voices of Salem - 7.00pm, Tuesdays

Widows' Ministry - 1.30pm, 4th Tuesday

Women of Praise (WOP) - 6.00pm, 3rd & 4th Tuesday