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Fun Links!

Do you want to learn more about God's Word and have fun doing it?  Here are some websites that can teach you about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and you can have fun at the same time!

More links will be added as they are discovered!

  • Superbook is an interactive website that teaches about the Bible in a way that's easy for kids to understand.  It includes stories about the Bible, stories that relate to children's lives today, daily Bible verses, Bible games and activities, and more!
  • Kids' Sunday School has action packed Christian games that support Bible lessons and help teach the Word of God.  It's a great website to begin your child's journey toward salvation, or to keep your child on his/her toes!
  • Living Water Bible Games contains a huge library of ideas for games you can print out or create to play with your child at home!  Templates for games such as Bible Bingo, Word Searches, and Puzzles are all ready for you to click away!
  • Childrens' Ministry has many ideas for easy and active games parents can do with their kids to teach about the many virtues of Christian life!